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Termite damage in homes South New Jersey & the Philadelphia-metro area.

Reliable Termite Control Solutions For
South New Jersey & Philadelphia.

Termites are a structure infesting pest that can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to your property. Termite's reply on wood as their primary food source, which makes wooden structures in homes a perfect place for them to live. On average termites damage 600,000 + homes in the United States a year. If you think you may have termites Contact Us TODAY!

We have been protecting property's in the Burlington County, Camden County and Gloucester County New Jersey areas for over 40 years from termites.

Our Services include:

  • Over 40 years of termite control experience
  • Termite inspection of your home
  • Extermination of termite colonies
  • Action plan for long-term protection
  • One year warranty with initial treatment
  • Cost effective annual renewals

Our Approach

We have over 40 years experience protecting homes from subterranean termites.


A Pest Professional technicians will thoroughly inspect your property by looking for moisture in the basements or crawlspace. They will examine your foundation for wood debris and other known areas of your structure that termites like to feed on.

Plan of attack

Upon discovery of live subterranean termite activity, our technician will provide you with an action plan to rid your property of current colonies found. The treatment plan will be executed for the infested area (at no additional charge).

Follow up

We offer annual inspection services to insure your home is termite free. We will warranty the property for one year against the attack of subterranean termites.

Reliable Termite Control Solutions For South New Jersey & the Philadelphia-metro area.

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Since 1980, The Pest Professionals have been providing safe and effective pest control services to residential and commercial customers in the Southern New Jersey & Philadelphia-metro area.