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Bed Bug Treatments in homes South New Jersey & the Philadelphia-metro area.

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The Pest Professionals offers safe, powerful and effective bed bug treatments that eliminate bed bugs quickly. We work quickly and effectively with as little disruption to your life as possible. If you think you have bed bugs CONTACT US NOW! If not treated immediately, bed bugs can spread to every room in your home, resulting in more damage to your bottom line. Our team has over 40 years of experience dealing with bed bugs, we can eliminate your bed bug infestation in the most safe, effective and timely manner.

Our technicians are bed bug experts who are highly trained and knowledgeable in bed bug habits and life cycles. When you partner with us, we will go the extra mile to explain our treatments and how it will eliminate bed bugs from your home.

Our Services include:

  • Over 40 years of termite control experience
  • Complete thorough bed bug inpesction
  • Safe, effective treatments
  • Action plan for long-term protection
  • 90-day warranty with initial treatment
  • Cost effective annual renewals

Our Approach

We have over 40 years experience treating homes for bed bugs in a safe and effective manner.

Bed Bug Inspection

If you think you have bed bugs or want to protect your home against this intruder, our technicians will come and inspect your home.

Plan of Attack/Treatment

Upon discovery of bed bug activity, our technician will provide you with an action plan to rid your property of the bed bugs. The treatment plans use liquid, heat, freeze, and steam.

Follow up

We offer a 90-day warranty! Our technicians will return free of charge if live activity is detected before 90 days. We aim to do an effective and thorough job of eliminating bed bugs. 95% of the time we never have to do a follow-up service.

Reliable Safe Bed Bug Solutions For South New Jersey & the Philadelphia-metro area.

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